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Squirrel started this conversation
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Hey, is this squirrel girl that I met in Hollywood fl? This is Caroline
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Skinny winny   in reply to Luke137
I reached out to you 2 days ago in regards to finding our Pastor Andre Mosley. I was unable to reach you at the number you posted. Luke 137 if possible please reply, it's of great importance that I find our Pastor. Has anyone herd from Luke 137 lately???
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HappySunshineGirl   in reply to thowze01
Try a shelter for women with children . " The United Way " program does help alot of families in need. Maybe also a Domestic Victims Shelter. Best Wishes to you. God Bless.
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If this is pat please give me the group home number I miss you guys
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How do I remove my name from this site? My name is listed as contact for an organization that does not exist and I would like to remove it.
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Many of your posts are incorrect as to religious category. You have Sanatana Dharma Satsang, Inc. in OR listed as Buddhist, but we are primarily Hindu. I have replied to many of your posts of Sikh, Jain, Tao and Buddhist groups you labeled Hindu. Please correct these posts.
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hola ardilla estoy muy interesado en conectarme con la fundacion blue lion inc o con su presidente mr arthur g salinas tu me podrĂ­as ayudar por favor es importante que le pueda contactar de antemano recibe mi agradecimiento
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where did you come from
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do you know where true praise deliverance ministry move to I'm trying to find my pastor Andre Mosley from the Bronx. please call me my name is Mark 5188924258
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prophet dennis
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i dont" understand why 1600 english knoll lane is listed as a bussiness . it is a home. it is not a non profit organaztion.
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I am a long time Peke owner and currently have 3. My 5 yo female is epileptic and VERY attached to me. She belonged to my husband and he passed 3 years ago. After he passed she became my protector. She is on life-time meds and has problems with cluster seizures. I have a 9 yo male that has skin issues and is good company for adults and a 4 yo male that has the most wonderful friendly disposition I have ever seen for a peke. He is dosile and loves children. He also has skin issues and allergies. Ever since my husband passed we (my 2 girls and I) have barely been able to make ends meet and my Bitch's siezures have tapped us out. I am getting training trying to rehab from disability to employment but we are living on 1100 a month right now. Our super-premium pet food is $40.00. Well needless to say savings is gone and both the boys have skin infections. The 4 yo has been panting and carrying on for a week and we have done everything we know to do. I am a pt groomer and have used all the medicated shampoos and they are both on benydryl 2x daily and the 4 yo is on tranquilizers to keep him from biting his tail. He bit 1/4 inch off and keeps opeining it up. We have to keep him in an e collar and he doesn't drink enough even when encouraging it. He is getting dehydrated and desperately needs a vet visit. I am already down to $50 for the month and don't know where to turn. Is there anyone anywhere that would see my boys for a vet visit and meds. If not I would be willing to give them to pros for the sake of their health. All three are papered and pure bred. The 4yo male is from Barbara Allen in Oroville. I am at wits end and devastated at not being able to care for them. Please, what can I do???

916 289 4513
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Hi any info or update about On Pegasus Wings??
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Hi. I am a single mother. My x husband walked out my life about 11 months ago. I haven't heard a word from him since. Nor have I been able to locate him. I have three children and am struggling greatly. I am in need of a place to live. I am being evicted on September 1 and have no money to pay rent or security deposit. I have found a place and was able to give the landlord 100 dollar deposit. The home I have been living in was cited for health code problems from a water line break. The landlord does not want to continue to leave me hear because he has to fix the unit and pay water damages to the basement to be fixed. He has already begun the eviction process; and wants me to move asap. I also am in need of furniture because the furniture I have is old and worn badly from when my children were small. They are now in high school. I have just got a job and barely earn enough to pay utility bills, a phone line and hygiene products and gas in my car. I do get a small allotment of food stamps of 200 per month for my children to supplement. I was recently notified that my medical benefits were discontinued for myself because I am not allowed to earn over 300 per month or welfare will stop the medical assistance for me. Therefore, I have to pay out over 80 per month for blood pressure medicine. My children, however, do get the medical. Please pray for me. I am looking for a second job as a nursing assistant. This is my skill. My current job is a Hostess at a restaurant and has me on my feet so much that I suffer from physical exertion and have a bad knee that I need therapy and medical care for. I was wondering if anyone could help me with my first month rent and security deposit and help me to get furniture. I am accepting donations..I need a tv, living room furniture and two full size beds; also pots and pans and dishes and silverware and any wash clothes or towels, sheets and pillow cases; socks for male and female teenagers, underwear and pajamas, and tennis shoes size 9 for young mens, my son is 17 ; and size 9 for young ladies; my daughter is 18. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the hearts and hands that give. I know others are suffering. I volunteer at the Pittsburgh Food Pantry to help others and receive food donations. I do not believe in getting free help and not helping to get it, so if your organization needs volunteers, please let me know.
I have knocked on doors for help with my rent and have been unable to get help. All the organizations have run out of funds that help with first month rent and security and the ones that help only do for your utility bills. Catholic Charities has almost a month before you here from them; and I have been waiting a month for help with a call back since I had to apply online. Both Catholic Charities and Urban League are not helping with rent assistance. Salvation Army is low on funds; and there is no St Vincent DePaul in my area. I live in Mt. Oliver right now; which is a low disadvantaged neighborhood. Each day I am look at the dim surroundings; but I know with God all things are possible. Please let me know if you can help. I can be reached at (412)853-2452. Thank you. Tanya
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squirrel, u r so hot and beautiful. R u still hibernating? Can we meet up? Help your admirer out and hit me up with your a/s/l?
I'll be waiting hoplessly for your response. <33333333333 nuts<33333
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BassecoteINC.ORG is not updated please change!
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Hea Sq. Where you been hid'n? Actually, doesn't look like anyone has been on this site in a while. I should have found it earlier, then we'd be cooking with gas. Blessings to you all & if'n you bump into Vanessa, tell her to never give up.
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Hi: I'm looking for more information about St Vincent dePaul Rehab Services. Specifically, I'm trying to find out how they are funded and stats on their employees, i.e. how many are disabled, how many over 45, what percentage of currently listed applicants are employed. Do you happen to know where I could find that? Thanks
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we are not protestant we are apostolic
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hey I seen you posted the information for New Challenge Rehabilitation Program Inc.. I was wondering if you had a phone number or email address so I can contact them regarding getting someone into the program?
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